Robin E. Germain is a licensed Acupuncturist, in private practice since 1990. She is especially interested in empowering her patients with the education and tools needed for self care.

She encourages her patients to take responsibility for their own well being and views health and healing as a process to be supported.  Her philosophy embodies a holistic approach to wellness, with special emphasis on diet and nutrition and making healthy food choices.  She is committed to teaching her patients how to eat well and thrive, even for those that do not enjoy cooking.

Robin views every person as unique. Using acupuncture, herbs and traditional medicine and food cures, Robin will individualize each session to consider the patient's specific state of being. 

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Robin E. Germain, LAc

Acupuncture and Herbs

Nutrition and Food Cures

Support and Education for Self Care


(415) 552-9422

337 W. Portal Ave @15th Ave

San Francisco, Calif. 94127

766 Valencia St. #2B between 18th and 19th street
San Francisco, Calif. 94110

Since 1990
By Appointment

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